There’s more to Thailand than beach and sun

We’ve had the chance to interview Peach, our lovely Phuket-based Thailand Itinerary Planner, for our Blog. She was born and grew up in the country and has lived in different parts, and is, in fact, a specialist in the Travel industry. Her wealth of knowledge and experience guarantees visitors to Thailand an enjoyable travel experience both on and off the beaten track. Here’s what she told us about this exotically diverse country.

What are the most well-known highlights of Thailand as a tourist destination?

Normally, when foreign visitors arrive in Thailand they expect to see temples, sanctuaries, beautiful beaches and street food. A lot of people I know want to come and try the food or just walk around and taste stuff because in Thailand we have a huge culture behind food.

I don’t blame them! And where would you recommend visitors to go that’s off the beaten track so that they can experience a more authentic Thailand?

There is a small island that not many people visit where there aren’t many tourists. It’s called Koh Phayam and it lies off the coast of Ranong Province on the Andaman sea. It really is a beautiful and peaceful place with wonderful nature, and it’s not hard to get there by transportation. I think it even has some home-stay options that make it possible to stay with the locals on the island. Another place I like is up north which is a mountain called Doi Intanon, in Chom Thong District, Chiang May Province. People go there to camp and do trekking, and there’s even a beautiful waterfall. It’s actually a protected Natural Park and I believe you need permission to set up a tent. We have a few mountains in the north of the country with spectacular scenery and good weather.

Pagoda at Doi Intanon National Park Thailand

Pagoda at Doi Intanon National Park

What about Phuket itself? What is it known for?

Phuket is known mostly for the street food! It was the first Asian city to ever receive the City of Gastronomy certificate from UNESCO in 2012. The thing is that the city’s gastronomy is quite unique and rich as it’s made up of a mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Thai cuisines, with the influence of the Portuguese and other settlers from a few centuries ago. We also have a lot of expats and a lot of tourists, so basically we have every kind of food you can imagine. There are food shops absolutely everywhere.

Authentic Pad Thai in Thailand with TailorGo

Pad Thai, a typical Thai dish

The Portuguese and the Chinese left their legacy in the architecture also. We have beautiful old Sino-Portuguese buildings and street art that we like to keep protected. In these foreign-influenced areas, there are hotels, cool coffee shops, museums and galleries. So, apart from the beach and the diving spots that everyone likes, Phuket also offers this different side that not many people know of.

What are the highlights of your services as an Itinerary Planner for Phuket and Thailand?

I can definitely advise on the best places to eat local food here. Another thing that may be different from what others offer is visits to Muay Thai boxing camps. We have a few of those around here and a lot of famous guys come here to fight, and I can recommend visitors a good trip to a boot camp!

Is there something somewhat negative you would like to warn visitors about?

Yes, when visitors go out at night in party areas they need to be a little bit more careful. Don’t carry your passport, much money or expensive stuff. You can enjoy yourself and get drunk and all that, but always keep an eye on your belongings.

Considering that Thailand is a trendy tourist destination, is there somewhere in particular you would discourage visitors to go to avoid swarms of people?

Yes, Koh PhiPhi is extremely popular for party-goers but it’s too small and in the high season you just walk shoulder to shoulder and can barely move! Water and food are not nearly enough there because they ship them from the boat. It’s just one hour away from Phuket by boat; I only recommend going for a quick visit and coming back on the day.

Boats at shore of Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Koh Phi Phi

Would you like to add something else that we have not touched on?

I just want to add that Thailand has so many different things for tourists. In each part of Thailand you have a different culture, a different language and different characteristics. I really want visitors to spend more time here and explore the real Thailand because it offers so much more than beaches and sun.

If you are keen to visit Thailand, TailorGo’s local Itinerary Planner Peach (Pinpicha P.), born and bred in the country, can design a personalised travel plan for you based on your interests.

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