Amazing Australia – Sydney

Australia is an absolute travellers paradise. You can immerse yourself in this spectacular continent and get lost for weeks or even months! It is extremely hard to pinpoint just a few must see places all over, so the best bet is to start with one of it’s most well known cities!

 10 things not to miss in Sydney – the good, the better and the impressive!

  1. Sydney Opera House – The number one destination for all tourists! It may be the most well known part of Sydney, but its beauty is absolutely breath-taking. Take some time and go on one of their guided tours, and even better, try and book a show there. There is a huge mixture of events, and you will always find something that suits you!
  2. Wattamola, Royal National Park – It’s a short drive away from Sydney but it is well worth it. It has a stunning lagoon, beach, waterfall and walking tracks. Spend the day there with you family and friends!
  3. Take a Dip at Bondi Beach – This is one of the most iconic beaches in Sydney, where you can find waves for the adventurers as well as place to swim. There is a great selection of cafés and restaurants for all as well!
  4. Have a drink at the Zeta Bar – You can marvel at the spectacular view from the Zeta Bar, with the most adventurous cocktails you will find!
  5. Sydney Harbour Bridge – This one of the most well known and most photographed landmarks in Australia. Built in 1932, it is an architectural marvel.
  6. Murray Rose Pool – A beautiful location, perfect for those who like the calm and still waters without waves! It fills up fast, and it is a very popular location for the locals, so make sure you get there early!
  7. Paddington Reservoir Gardens – Just off Oxford Street you can find this little slice of heaven. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and soak in the beauty of this garden. You won’t be sorry!
  8. Taronga Zoo – This moved to number one on your list if you have kids, and should definitely be on your list without them! Divided into eight zoogeographic regions, the 28-hectare Taronga Zoo is home to over 4,000 animals of 350 species. An absolute must see!
  9. St Mary’s Cathedral – Amazing architecture, beautiful ambience. If you get a chance to hear the choir, it will bring forth a sense of peace and ethereal beauty!
  10. The Powerhouse museum – A must visit place! It is the major branch of the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney, and it has regular exhibitions and a lot of hands on experiments for you to try for yourself!


These are just a few of the amazing places you can find in Sydney. It is a city that is rich in nature, culture and architecture. A truly unforgettable trip for anyone – families, couples, singles, etc. Let us take you there!



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